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The Death Of a Songbird

Coming soon for purchase. By M.R. McCoy.

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Muse: a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. 

Wren Crivelli was born with a truly astonishing mind. As a hysteresis user, Wren is able to alter the world around her by focusing her mind on a single solitary thought. This ability is limited to areas in which the user has acquired sufficient knowledge. A fact that keeps girls like Wren locked up. Body and mind alike. While the men possessing Wren’s gift are free to study things like; density, friction, gravity, and sensory projection, Purity Maidens are limited to learning about altering clothes, removing stains and preparing food. The League of Fellows forces all Purity Maidens to work at the Crystal Pedestal, a beautified prison were the wealthy and elite of New Geneva use the Maiden’s gift to sport the latest fashion trends, or eat rare and exotic foods.

As events unfold and Wren’s family begins to fall apart, she is forced to choose between putting her head down and maintaining her purity or throwing away the only life she has ever known for a chance to be something more.            

In order to unite the Purity Maidens and fight back against the League, Wren must unlock her mind’s potential, casting off the years of repression and self-doubt the League tucked deep within her soul.  This daunting task will require the help of all of Wren’s newfound friends, as well as a living legend the world had forgotten.

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About the Author

M.R. McCoy is a father of four who lives and works in Minnetonka, Minnesota. It is his firm belief that fantasy stories are meant to whisk us away to unknown worlds, but they are also meant to inspire. It is M.R.’s passion to find a way to combine both elements, creating stories that help us escape reality while also feeling connected to it in new and meaningful ways.